Getting Started

Getting Started

We Want to Work for You!

Contact us to discuss which of our programs and systems will work best for you. Like you, we want to start collecting your aged accounts receivable right away. We offer many different collection options, all available to you!

We Make it Easy

We understand the idea of hiring or changing collection agencies seems like it will take more time than you have available. Because we have tenured experience in the collections industry, we've developed a program to help you work with us to start collecting your outstanding receivables right away.

Here are 6 ways we make it easy for you!
  • We make it easy to transition your current collection program to BCS.
  • We make it easy by providing ultimate versatility when it comes to placing accounts.
  • We make it easy through the efforts of our outstanding Client Support Team.
  • We make it easy with our strong collection results.
  • We make it easy by providing you with confidence in our ethical business approach.
  • We make it easy by providing a competitive fee structure.
For additional information or to get started, please contact the BCS Sales Support team!

Account Placement

At BCS, we pride ourselves on the ease of account placement. We offer the option of placing accounts either electronically or manually to fit each of our client’s individual needs.
Information requested when you place accounts with BCS:
  • Name of Responsible Party (guarantor)
  • Address
  • All available Telephone Numbers
  • Social Security Number
  • Date of Birth
  • Date of Delinquency
  • Date(s) of Service
  • Amount Due
  • Date of Last Payment (if applicable)
  • Place of Employment
  • Emergency Contact Information
  • Spousal Information
  • Proof of Debt
Once you become a client with BCS you can send your Information to us in one of these 5 Easy Formats:
  • BCS Client Access Web (CAW) Portal (a secure and fast method to transmit your accounts to us).
  • E-Mail your electronic files to us
  • Fax your accounts to us
  • Mail your patient ledgers and demographic information
  • Utilize the BCS Online Manual Placement Form

Fee Structure

BCS offers it's clients a contingency-based fee structure. We get paid only after collecting on your accounts. The rates vary depending on the volume of the client's portfolio and the age of the receivable.

For a rate quote or additional information, please contact the BCS Sales Support team!
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