Client FAQ

How do I place accounts with BCS?

BCS offers multiple methods for you to place accounts with us. We accept electronic placements via email or through our online web portal, the BCS CAW. You can also access our Electronic Placement Form or place your accounts manually via mail or fax. We prefer you place accounts electronically as it is easy, efficient and secure! Place Accounts Now!

How long does the collection process take?
The collection process starts immediately upon entry of your accounts. It is our objective to resolve the accounts as quickly as possible. This process can take as little as a single day. BCS will continue consistent collections until we have exhausted all efforts towards reaching an amicable resolution for our clients. The sooner you place your accounts with our agency the greater the opportunity for a quicker recovery.
Who do I call for billing and account questions?
Our BCS Client Support team is readily available, always courteous, efficient and happy to assist you. 
What are the guiding principles that you base your Collection practices on?
Our practices are geared to creating effective Results, with Ethics as our number one priority, coupled with high standards for producing quality Service for our clients. These principles are structured to meet and exceed the guidelines of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and all laws that govern collection agencies. See Our Compliance and Our Training for more information.
Does BCS report to the Credit Bureaus?
Yes. BCS reports monthly to the credit reporting agencies. 
What does it cost us to do business with BCS? Or, what are your rates?

Quite simply, it will not cost anything until we collect for you. Our rates are industry competitive and based primarily on your monthly placement volume and average age of accounts. For an immediate rate quote please contact the BCS Sales Support team.
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