BCS understands, in many cases, it is an advantage to have an agency work on your behalf with your customers. We respect and appreciate the relationships you have worked hard to develop with your customers. However, we also know that after time, an unpaid debt can become an emotional and often a personal frustration for you and your company. Let us serve you by removing this burden of frustration you feel with your delinquent receivables.
BCS engages a respectful yet firm approach when dealing with your customers and patients.
We have extensive knowledge and success, and stand ready to help you, with your Accounts Receivable Management (ARM) program in the following business sectors:
Healthcare ARM  
BCS employs a collection team that has extensive expertise in the field of medical collections. Our medical collectors are thoroughly trained and well versed in dealing with the complexities regarding insurance matters, as well as medical rebilling and HIPPA regulations.
Dental ARM  
BCS employs collectors that are specially trained in the dental collection arena. Our team successfully serves a large portfolio of dentists, dental groups, oral & maxillofacial surgeons, implant specialists and orthodontists. 
Retail ARM  
BCS employs a collection team that focuses on contract resolution in retailing. Our areas of expertise include credit card charge-offs, bank over-drafts, healthclubs and telecommunications companies. 
Commercial ARM  
BCS employs a collection team that has specialized experience dealing with a wide range of companies with business-to-business debt.
Bad Checks ARM  
BCS has extensive experience - and has long enjoyed exceptional success - while serving a myriad of clients, ranging from large grocery chains to small boutique stores.
For additional information or to empower your ARM program, please contact the

BCS offers a competitive fee structure for all of its collection services:  

Primary Accounts  
Ideally, you'll want to have our team start helping you collect your aged accounts receivable when they move into the 45 to 90-day past due column. The older the receivables are, the more difficult they become to collect.

First-time account placements are the foundational element of the services provided by BCS. We take pride in executing collection activity immediately. In compliance with state and federal regulations, a first-time letter is sent from our collection system upon account entry. Our telephone work is also initiated on that same day. This assertive, proactive approach gets quick results, often within a few days.

What is the best step you can take to increase your debt recovery? Your timely placement of accounts with BCS will maximize the collection results. For primary placement, accounts no more than forty-five to ninety days past due are statistically ideal. Your consistency of placement is a second key to aiding recovery. We recommend monthly or even weekly placements. As you know, there is a flow to collection activity and your consistent placement helps us to help you collect your outstanding receivables quickly.

For additional information or to get started, please contact the BCS Sales Support team.
Legal Collection 
We provide a full service, in-house legal department committed to maximizing recovery for our clients. We employ only attorneys and a legal team who are specialists in credit and collection litigation with a combined 72 years of experience. As a result, BCS attorneys are intimately familiar with all relevant credit and collection legal proceedings.  

Our approach and philosophy regarding legal collections:
  • If an account is deemed suit-worthy, our litigation philosophy mandates we receive authorization from you, the client, prior to preparing the account for litigation. Note: This litigation process is NEVER initiated without your permission and authorization.
  • BCS will only take legal action when the consumer has the financial ability to pay, but refuses, or continues to default on payment arrangements.
  • Our litigation philosophy also favors negotiating settlement arrangements that result in a positive solution for all parties.                               
BCS recovery statistics are consistently well above the norm for the collection industry and clearly demonstrate that our litigation philosophy is right on track.   

BCS fronts all legal costs. 
For more information or to get started, please contact the BCS Sales Support team.
Our Pre-Collect program provides you with an option to collect aged receivables before choosing to move the accounts into a full collection mode.

We developed and utilize a pre-collect letter series program that: 
  • Reduces the overall cost of your collections
  • Gives you the ability to maintain a relationship with your customers
  • Automates the collection process and establishes a 3rd-party-presence
  • Adds a little muscle for you, without initiating full collection activity
  • Allows you to control your receivables and simplify the collection process
For more information or to get started, please contact the BCS Sales Support team.
ARM Consultations
We offer training in your office with your employees, individually or as a group, to help improve your in-house collection efforts.

How long has it been since you had an audit performed on your Accounts Receivable Management (ARM) program? BCS can help by providing an outside view of your current ARM program. We look for areas where we can maximize your recovery income and provide you with alternative solutions to help streamline your process and make it more efficient.

Is your agency sitting on older accounts without any action? Our system automatically and consistently recycles each collection account so they're never lost and forgotten.

Are you frustrated by a lack of communication and inconsistent account status reporting? This won't happen with BCS. We Make it Easy by providing you with dependable, accurate monthly reporting and accounting. 
For more information or to get started, please contact the BCS Sales Support team.

Skip Tracing
We use state-of-the-art systems for locating impossible-to-find consumers to collect unpaid debt.

Skip tracing is one more service we offer to provide a positive impact on your bottom line in the shortest time possible. Yes ... even for those hard-to-find consumers.

We utilize the latest technologies for manual and automated skip tracing. Skip tracing is an integral part of the BCS process, provided at no cost to you.

For more information or to get started, please contact the BCS Sales Support team.
Online Services
As our client, you have 24-hours a day, 7-days a week, 365-days a year access to our secure, automated collections tracking system, the BCS Client Access Web (CAW). Your customers can make payments online, 24/7, with secure payment options. 

We Make it Easy for you to access our on-line services. Any time, day or night, you can:
  • Access Reports
    • For direct and specific information regarding your collection portfolio, the BCS CAW reporting function allows you to access your reports anytime directly from your computer. You also have the ability to customize reports to your specifications and quickly download up-to-the-minute collection results.
  • Account Updates
    • Using our BCS CAW system you can notify us immediately, on-line, of any changes to your accounts. CAW also makes it quick and easy for you to locate your accounts by simply typing in your customer's name and clicking search! CAW also acts as a Message Center, giving you the ability to inform us of any payments or balance adjustments. 
  • Place Accounts
    • We Make it Easy for you to place accounts with us. We accept your accounts manually or via electronic transfer. You will have access to send accounts through our highly secure, automated collections tracking system, the BCS CAW. 
    • To initiate and expedite placement of your accounts, and to maximize the collection results, we ask that you provide us with as much information as possible.
    • For ultimate recovery and efficiency Online/Electronic placement of accounts is available and highly recommended. It will expedite the collection process and help alleviate transcribing errors that may take place during data entry. Simply put, electronic placement saves time, money, and reduces human error.
    • BCS has no minimum balance requirements.
  • Industry News
    • The collection industry is constantly changing. BCS stays up to date on the latest information and changes in the industry. As a client of BCS, you will have 24/7 access to some of the most current news. ACA International, the Association of Credit and Collection Professionals, is a comprehensive resource for the credit and collection industry and is a key resource where BCS retrieves information for you to access!
    • To view the current articles, please visit our BCS News page.
  • Consumer Payment Availability 24/7
    • The BCS Online solution gives your customers the availability to make a payment to their account, 24/7. We accept a variety of payment methods.
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